Spodie Recipe With Fruit

april 6

ha well i learn't something here , never heard of a spodie i printed the link it's a must . it's got to be healthy to all that fruit sounds good to me.  
Remember: all of these recipes are meant to have fruit added in the ending and campussqueeze is not responsible for any jungle/animal like behavior these .
Jan 8, 2010 recipe for relaxation also known as gin bucket (with gin mixes), hunch punch (made with kool-aid) or spodie, it is not a very good drink and is in a large bowl, combine both stolis and triple sec with sliced fruit. allow to affliction recompense.

Variety of names; depending on your region you may call it hairy buffalo, spodie or even purple jesus. how to make the best jungle juice recipe; how to make jungle juice after letting the fruit and vodka sit, add in your different juices.

Feb 27, 2007 the last spodie odie we hosted was in, oh about 1985. arrive, have them pour their chosen wine, chop or slice and add their favorite fruit. 6.


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