Balanced Oxidizer Menu

april 6

jan 19, 2010 menu for balanced oxidizer 40% carbo, 30% protein, 30%fat (1200kcal - 1300kcal)breakfast. posted by picasa.  
Ok, today based on balanced oxidizer. breakfast: scrambled eggs, 3 . that's the way it is. :) i'm not giving up and will be posting my menu here.
Menu ideas for balanced or mixed diet plan menus in this category are to stimulate ideas, and are based primarily on a fast oxidizer type food list.

Hey all.. on my quest to learn about nutritional health, i came across the test to find out what type of oxidizer i am.
Jun 29, 2011 the jillian michaels diet menu is planned depending on whether the dieter is a slow oxidizer, a balanced oxidizer or a fast oxidizer. comprising.
Balanced-oxidizers a third group of people, those with normal metabolism, were balanced-oxidizers. they required a variety of foods with balanced quantities of telepathy logjam.  

Balanced oxidizers ideas & recipes like breakfast burrito, baked fritatta in tomato sauce, breakfast in a bowl, jillian's hotcakes with directions, reviews, ratings.

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